[VIDEO]: The Clean Water Access Initiative: Project Indonesia

Action Against Hunger joins up with Tyco to create a new water system for vulnerable communities in Indonesia
Children collect water from unprotected sources in Indonesia's NTT Province
Children spend hours collecting water from unprotected sources in Indonesia’s NTT Province. ACF-Indonesia

In addressing the global water crisis, Action Against Hunger believes in the power of partnership. To illustrate this, we invite you to watch two videos explaining the the first project in our three-year collaboration with Tyco International. The videos show the first two phases of building a clean water system in Indonesia’s impoverished Nusa Tenggara Timur province:

The Clean Water Access Initiative is focused on providing safe drinking water and sanitation to impoverished communities threatened by malnutrition and water-borne diseases. Tyco has committed more than $2 million in resources over the next three years, as well as emergency funds to enable ACF to respond quickly to natural disasters, including earthquake-ravaged Haiti, flood-inundated Pakistan, and more recently, drought-stricken Kenya.

The Clean Water Access Initiative’s first project, in Indonesia’s Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) province, is already underway. Working with ACF staff and local community leaders, Tyco’s regional teams are helping to plan and construct a new system to improve access to safe water for 40,000 people. In addition to providing technical expertise, Tyco contributed $250,000 in funding and donated 36 miles of polyethylene pipes and fittings from its facility in Jakarta while local Tyco engineers provide training and oversight during installation. At the same time, ACF is dedicating resources toward an educational program to improve local hygiene practices, training local authorities on the design and maintenance of water supply infrastructures, and monitoring the sustainability of the water system.

The need is great. NTT Province is among the poorest in Indonesia. While the rest of the country advances towards national and international development goals, NTT Province lags behind due to a difficult mix of isolation, limited natural resources, and poor local governance.

In one of the NTT districts, a third of the households need more than 30 minutes to retrieve water by hand—requiring two or three trips by foot each day—and nearly two-thirds of water sources remain unprotected.

We’re thrilled to be leveraging Tyco’s industry-leading people, products, and services—in combination with our experience designing and implementing rural water systems—in this partnership. Stay tuned for updates about the Clean Water Access Initiative’s efforts in multiple countries.

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