Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: Their Stories and Our Work Through Pictures

Our team provides crucial support to Syrians displaced by conflict

This little girl and her family are still adjusting to life in a refugee camp outside of Zahle, a small city near the Syrian border. They’re just a few of the 1.5 million civilians who have fled to Lebanon over the past three years of conflict. 

Children living in a refugee camp in Zahle

As a border town, Zahle is one of the most overcrowded hubs for refugees. Many children like these are forced to make do without running water or electricity as their families try to look for work on local farms.

Father and son in the city of Tyre.

Mohamed Hussein Ashua now lives in the southern city of Tyre with his wife and children: “I’ve been here with my family for four years. We left just before things got bad. I’ve seen so many more people coming in, steadily arriving with fewer and fewer possessions. It’s sad because it just shows me that the situation back home is getting worse.” Action Against Hunger is providing aid to these people and so many others like them.

WASH programs in Zahle

Our water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programs in the Zahle camps are improving conditions to help children like these stay safe and healthy. 

Cash for for work programs in Tyre
Our Cash For Work programs are bringing crucial infrastructure and a sense of community to the refugee camps around Zahle.
Cash for food programs in Tyre
Our Cash For Food program aids refugees and local residents alike in Tyre. The program empowers families to select and purchase their own food rations while stimulating the local economy.
 All Photos by Gonzalo Hohr


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