Scaling Up Nutrition in Kenya

Our team in Kenya is working with Scaling Up Nutrition to bring more effective nutrition programs to children across the country
Doris Mwendwa, Dadaab Base Assistant Nutrition Program Manager, with 8-month-old Amina Mahamud in Dagahaley Refugee Camp. Photo: ACF-Kenya

Action Against Hunger’s team in Kenya is proud to be a part of Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN), a global movement that unites people in a collective effort to improve nutrition globally. As Kenya’s SUN Movement Networks are working to include plans for nutrition programming into their development agenda, our team is playing a key role in raising awareness about the importance of such programs. This was underscored at the Action Against Hunger Nutrition Sensitive Programs Workshop, held in Nairobi in May.

Key takeaways from the workshop

The workshop brought together 58 participants representing the SUN Movement Networks, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Agriculture, civil societies, donors, UN agencies, the private sector, non-governmental organizations and the global SUN Civil Society Network.

Participants shared best practices for nutrition programming, and lessons they learned through their own experiences implementing programs in Kenya. In particular, speeches by representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, USAID, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and Action Against Hunger, highlighted the strong relationship between agriculture and nutrition. Several presentations from SUN Movement partners, including UNICEF and the SUN Civil Society Network, emphasized the role the network has played in promoting nutrition programs.

Several partners also shared recommendations for reducing malnutrition rates in Kenya. In order to scale up nutrition programs, participants called for an increase in funding at the national level, as well as increased attention from local media. And to help build Kenya’s capacity to fight malnutrition, many participants recommended including national government agencies as well as private partners in nutrition program planning. As Anne Chele of the FAO emphasized: “We must use a multi-sectoral approach in nutrition programming.” 

Nutrition advocacy: how you can get involved

Another important step for us is nutrition advocacy. At the workshop, we officially introduced our case study Reconciling Agriculture and Nutrition, which investigates how agricultural projects influence nutrition interventions. We also launched Generation Nutrition, a global advocacy campaign to end child deaths from malnutrition that involves eight members of the SUN Civil Society Alliance.

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Titus is our Advocacy and Communications Manager in Kenya, and the Chair of Kenya's SUN Civil Society Alliance.