Post-Earthquake Indonesia: ACF Team Assessing Needs

Action Against Hunger has sent an exploratory team to earthquake-affected Yogyakarta to assess needs.

Following the earthquake that struck the Indonesian provinces of Java Central and Yogyakarta, Action Against Hunger/Action Contre la Faim (ACF) International Network dispatched a team of emergency specialists, one of whom arrived on the day of the tragedy.

The team will evaluate the situation in the area, assessing gaps in response and possible interventions. There were several organizations present in the area, following concerns raised by the activity of volcano Merapi, to the north of the affected areas. This, in conjunction with capacity gained at local and national levels during the response to the Tsunami that hit in December 2004, has led to an efficient first response. Concerns remain about the 100,000 homeless and about their immediate future following the end of initial rescue efforts. ACF IN's team is looking in this situation and focusing particularly on water and sanitation needs.