Online Community A-Twitter for Action Against Hunger

First Twitter fundraiser in honor of ACF.

Even at a time when social networking sites are starting up and attracting users at an unprecedented rate, the emergence of Twitter stands alone as a web phenomenon.  Almost overnight, Twitter went from unknown to indispensible for millions of users with something to say. Action Against Hunger has used Twitter to keep our followers informed and involved virtually since its inception.  But while we’ve been tweeting for quite some time, the full potential of Twitter as a tool to connect people with their causes has only recently begun to show itself.

Enter Melissa Michaels. Among many other vocations, she is a clothing designer and owner of the boutique Inpeloto, in La Jolla, CA. She is also a humanitarian. For three days, she donated the total sales of a particular article of clothing to Action Against Hunger.

How did all this come about? “I found you on Twitter,” says Michaels. And it didn’t stop there—she tweeted about us to all her followers, we tweeted about her pledge to donate, and our first Twitter-driven fundraiser was born.

Michaels is happy she could help. Beyond the money she raised, she understands the importance of spreading the word: “More are aware of Action Against Hunger,” she says.

Because social networking is relatively new and always evolving, organizations like Action Against Hunger are only scratching the surface of its potential. But when we’re able to attract friends and followers like Melissa Michaels, we know we’re on the right track! Follow Michaels on Twitter and stay in the loop about upcoming events.

For Action. Against Hunger.

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