New Weight Watchers® Campaign Fights Hunger Around the World

“Lose For Good” supports ACF’s global efforts and promotes healthy eating at home
Lose for Good

Weight Watchers, a leading provider of weight management services, has launched “Lose for Good,” a campaign that empowers Americans to improve their health through good nutrition while providing food for those less fortunate. Between September 7th and October 18th, Weight Watchers will donate the cost of one pound of food (up to one million dollars) for each pound their members lose. With programs fighting acute malnutrition in some 40 countries around the world, Action Against Hunger is proud to participate in “Lose for Good” as Weight Watchers international partner. In addition, Share Our Strength, a colleague organization addressing childhood hunger in the US, will participate as the domestic partner.

The “Lose for Good” campaign helps motivate better eating habits with an unusual opportunity to take personal action against global hunger. “Lose For Good is designed to further inspire Weight Watchers members as they take the first step on a journey towards improving their well-being,” said David Kirchhoff, President and CEO of Weight Watchers International, Inc. “In doing so, they will help others by converting their weight loss into another person’s gain.”

Nan Dale, Executive Director of Action Against Hunger, commends Weight Watchers “for its philanthropic leadership in recognizing the importance of fighting hunger in both the US and abroad.” By coupling the reward of improved personal health with the knowledge that members’ efforts will help feed malnourished children around the globe, the “Lose for Good” campaign is truly an innovative, win-win initiative.

“With Weight Watchers help, Action Against Hunger will be able to raise much greater awareness about the severity of and solutions for world hunger—all while promoting a healthy lifestyle throughout the country. The partnership is a great fit,” commented Nan Dale.

Join the “Lose for Good” campaign between September 7 and October 18, 2008 and start changing your life and the lives of others around the world.

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