Kids Across the Country Unite for the Race Against Hunger

Education, community, and global citizenship take center stage at events to fight global malnutrition in three major cities
NYC Race
Students take off at the start of the NYC Race. Photo: ACF USA

Throughout the month of May, students from New York City, Chicago, and the San Francisco Bay Area participated in community-wide events for our Race Against Hunger, a service learning initiative that unites students around the world in the fight against global hunger.

On May 4th nearly 1,000 students came together in Chicago and New York City to kick off our 2013 Race Against Hunger.

In Chicago, students from Chicago Public Schools and After School All Stars met at Lane Tech Stadium to raise funds for Action Against Hunger. Throughout the day, students pledged to run a certain distance around a track, planted vegetable seeds to start their own gardens, and jogged with Jerry cans filled with water. Students left the event with a sense of what many of the people we help in 40 countries do daily, and gained a greater understanding of what many around the world have to do to get access to food and clean water.

“We had such a blast on Saturday! Such a great day and the kids are still raving about it. I was glad that we chose the Race Against Hunger for our project.”

Jennifer Wynne, Teacher, Stone Academy, Chicago, IL

On the same day, students from New York City’s After School All Stars and New York City Public Schools arrived at St. John’s University in Queens, where they challenged each other to run the most laps. The students raised over $1,500 dollars for our lifesaving programs, while enjoying live music and healthy snacks from our generous sponsors.

Two weeks later on May 18th, more than 600 students arrived at Gomes Park in Fremont, CA for our annual Bay Area Race Against Hunger. With the support of Irvington High School’s jazz ensemble and student-led activity stations, the day complemented months of classroom learning.

“The students feel a stronger connection with the people and the place and they feel they can make a difference. They understand that they are not just throwing money at a problem. We are all very delighted and honored to be partnered up with Action Against Hunger. Through the partnership, our service is focused and goal oriented.”

Scott Lewis, Service Learning Coordinator, Irvington High School, Fremont, CA

With the help of our partners: Google, After School All-Stars, TD Bank, Pentair, Red Jacket Orchards, Materne and MetroPCS, our inaugural city-wide Race Against Hunger events were a huge success!

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