Help Comes to Victims of Bolivian Floods

Action Against Hunger is assuring access to potable water in the Bolivian departments of Beni, La Paz, and Santa Cruz

In the next few hours, international aid organization Action Against Hunger (ACF) will send experts in water, nutrition, and logistics to Bolivia to assure that approximately 20,000 flood victims will have clean water, food, and basic sanitation. Accompanying the experts will be a shipment of humanitarian aid including five emergency food drops, two water pumps, and water purification tablets.

ACF emphasized that the victims of this disaster are extremely vulnerable, left without the resources to respond to this disaster. According to Manuel Sánchez-Montero, Emergency Coordinator for ACF-Spain, "in this moment our priorities are to secure potable water and sanitation facilities for the families that have been displaced by this disaster."

The organization is currently assessing the damage to local crops, and has not ruled out the possibility of shipping dry rations within the next 72 hours. Local authorities estimate that more than 20,000 families have lost their homes and most of their subsistence crops.

Unusually heavy seasonal rains at the end of January triggered massive floods throughout the North and East of Bolivia. Although ACF is not currently operating a mission in Bolivia, the organization is providing emergency relief in the Bolivian departments of Beni, La Paz, and Santa Cruz.

Action Against Hunger has made an appeal for support in their response to this disaster.