Fighting Hunger, One Video Game Bundle at a Time

Humble Bundle releases “Humble Survive This Bundle” to raise funds for Action Against Hunger
Image courtesy Humble Bundle

Here at Action Against Hunger, we’ve seen many a creative fundraiser over the years. Among the most impressive? A passionate group of online gamers who loyally buy from Humble Bundle, an online gaming platform that releases limited edition games and allows gamers to name their own price for a "bundle" of games, all the while supporting a nonprofit with their purchase.

With the backing of Humble Bundle, gamers around the world are helping to save lives from hunger, all with an add-to-cart click of the mouse! This month they’ve launched “Humble Survive This Bundle,” a suite of seven exciting games, the purchase of which supports Action Against Hunger and WaterAid. The bundle will be available until next Tuesday, August 23rd only.

We’ve been proud to call Humble Bundle a partner for the past two years. From 2014 through July of this year, the company has helped Action Against Hunger raise over $2.5 million through the promotion of various bundles—games handpicked by noted game designer Sid Meier, staff picks, and monthly bundles. This year alone, not yet counting Humble Survive This Bundle, they’ve helped us raise over $540,000 from three promotions.

Humble Bundle’s support to date is enough to treat over 55,000 children under the age of five who are suffering from severe acute undernutrition. These funds have never been more vital, as we work to save children and provide urgent services in crises, like the current hunger emergencies in South Sudan and Nigeria.

We continue to be extremely impressed by and grateful for the generosity of Humble Bundle and its community of passionate gamers. Thank you so much for your support!

Visit to buy Humble Survive This Bundle, available through August 23rd only!

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