Face the Music

Marc Goldfuss sparks interest by his original combination of electronic music and saving lives.

Marc Goldfuss founded Sigsaly Transmissions in 2007 as a way to express his devotion Electronic Body Music (EBM), a genre of music originating in the 1980s comprised of mechanized electronic punk sounds and also known as “Industrial” music.

Sigsaly Transmissions’ first release, Machines Against Hunger, will contribute to the effort to end world hunger while simultaneously offering die-hard fans a wide variety of unreleased EBM, including major artists like Nohno (Dean Dennis of Clock DVA), PSYCHE, Modern Cubism (Side Project of Jean-Luc DeMeyer of Front 242) and The Weathermen. All profits from sales of this 2-CD compilation will be donated to Action Against Hunger.

Marc was first introduced to Action Against Hunger while watching Anderson Cooper 360, and he was immediately captivated by the discussion of ACF’s efforts in Darfur. “I wanted to support this newly discovered cause through my love of electronic music,” he said. Marc decided that Action Against Hunger could be united with the underground music fan base. This creative amalgamation would give EBM enthusiasts a chance to display their politically active attributes in an effort to move away from the dark, angry stereotypes associated with this group.

The project has successfully taken off with 34 bands from around the globe participating, including groups from Greece, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium, Australia, Canada, and the United States. After more than a year of dedication and hard work, the CD is available for purchase on the Sigsaly Transmissions website at www.sigmedia.us, Amazon.com, various online retailers, and independent music stores worldwide.

Machines Against Hunger has a bright future with prospective advertisement on college music radios, a television spot, and an interested Hot Topic music buyer. The originality of Marc’s idea has boosted people’s interest in EBM and Action Against Hunger. The CD compilation is well on its way to becoming a smash hit in the underground and a lifesaver worldwide. Talk about impact!