Eat It, Feel Good. Give It, Feel Better! New Mobile App Takes on Global Hunger

The “Give Your Calories” smartphone app offers a unique new way to fight deadly hunger
Give Your Calories

You’ve heard and read hundreds of times how the world produces more than enough food to feed everyone on the planet, yet nearly a billion people go to bed hungry each night while deadly hunger continues to kill some three million children each year—a reality that can overwhelm individuals seeking to make a difference.

Fortunately, taking action on global hunger just got easier: Action Against Hunger is proud to present the debut of Give Your Calories, a mobile app that empowers people to help restore balance to a world where access to food is anything but balanced.

Give Your Calories is an innovative mobile app that allows users to instantly “donate” calorie-packed snacks to help Action Against Hunger fight deadly hunger.

Envisioned and developed by the award-winning communications agency Happiness Brussels, Give Your Calories is an innovative smartphone app that allows you to instantly “donate” calorie-packed snacks to help Action Against Hunger fight deadly hunger.

An App to Fight Hunger: How’s it Work?

With the Give Your Calories app, you simply take a photo of a food product or scan its barcode, and the app automatically calculates and converts those calories into donations: $1 for items that contain fewer than 200 calories, $2 for items containing 200-300 calories, and a $5 donation for items that contain 300-400 calories. For every additional 100 calories an extra $1 is added. For example, a 12 ounce can of Coca-cola containing 139 calories equates to a $1 donation while a beef taco that contains 221 calories equates to a $2 donation.

As part of the Give Your Calories community, users can share their contributions via social media, track how much others have donated, and receive updates on the lifesaving impact their donations help Action Against Hunger achieve.

With media support from the popular YouTube cooking show EpicMealTime and generous corporate support from North American Power, the Give Your Calories app offers a novel way for individuals to lend a hand in the fight to save lives and restore malnourished children to health.

Download the App

Give Your Calories is downloadable from the iTunes Store and you can visit for a brief tutorial. Stay tuned for news on an Android version.

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James Michaud is Action Against Hunger's Senior External Relations Officer, responsible for corporate partnerships and foundation outreach.