Earthquake in Iran Action Against Hunger mobilizes to assist victims in the affected villages

Evaluating the needs of 40 villages damaged by earthquake, ACF supplies drinking water.

Within hours of the early morning earthquake in Iran on February 22, relief teams from Action Against Hunger arrived in the affected area to evaluate the damage and the urgent needs of the population. They have verified that the most urgent needs are water, tents, blankets, clothes and heaters.

An estimated 30,000 people from 40 villageshave been seriously affected by the earthquake, and 451 families have lost everything. Nine villages remain without water in an impoverished area where the population, vulnerable to malnutrition even before the earthquake struck, works most often in coal mining. According to estimates by the Action Against Hunger teams, the urban area of Zarand has not been seriously affected by the earthquake. Rather, the rural areas have suffered the worst consequences.

Action Against Hunger today will begin supplying drinking water to the population in the nine areas that lack access to clean water. Furthermore, the non-governmental, non-profit, non-religious organization plans to transport from its mission in water and drainage equipment, emergency toilets, tablets to purify drinking water, tents and blankets.

Access to the affected areas continues to be very difficult due to heavy rains, overflowing rivers, blocked roads and landslides.