New York Times Reports on New Action Against Hunger Ad Campaign

"Antihunger Campaign Forgoes Images of Starving Children"

Action Against Hunger  launched a new ad campaign in partnership with Ultimat Vodka and branding agency G2. As a year-end visibility campaign set to run in five national magazines, G2’s ad creative presents the issue of deadly hunger in a less orthodox fashion in the hope that it will resonate with American audiences. This novel approach caught the eye of a New York Times reporter who published an article on the ads and the partnerships behind them.

Generously underwritten by long-time partner Ultimat Vodka—and valued at more than $400,000—the ads will run in the December issues of Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, Saveur, Wine Enthusiast and The New York Times Magazine. Here’s an excerpt of what the New York Times article had to say about the ads and the partnership—you can read the full article here—but let us know what you think!

Antihunger Campaign Forgoes Images of Starving Children

Action Against Hunger, a nonprofit group that fights malnutrition, is running a public service ad campaign that uses nontraditional, abstract imagery, rather than photos of starving children, to gain support.

Instead of employing photographs of starving children—as many organizations in the field often do—the ads take a different tack. One shows a line of seven simple paper dolls; the doll in the middle is a stick figure compared with the other six. Copy in this ad says, '3.5 million children die each year from acute malnutrition. Take action. Save a child.'

The second ad shows an open pizza box with a miniature pizza inside. The copy asks, 'Hungry? Imagine living on only a tiny fraction of what you eat each day. Every year, 3.5 million children try—and don’t survive. You can help prevent this.' The ad then urges readers to visit Action Against Hunger’s Web site or text a $10 donation to it.

What do you think of how hunger and poverty are portrayed today? What ads do you want to see more of? What kind of campaign would you produce to help end deadly malnutrition?

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