Action Against Hunger Presides Over NASDAQ Opening Bell

ACF Recognized For Solid Record In Humanitarian Aid

Emphasizing the need for donations and assistance in Pakistan, Cathy Skoula, executive director of the international aid organization Action Against Hunger (also known as Action contre la Faim or ACF) opened The NASDAQ Stock Market today.

Action Against Hunger was invited to ring the October 21 Opening bell in recognition of its solid record in responding to emergencies and to highlight the need for emergency assistance in response to the recent South Asian earthquake. "We are now facing a disaster with consequences as bad as, if not worse than last year's tsunami," Ms. Skoula emphasized during her speech. "I urge you to donate your time, money, and mind to this cause." ACF recently began operations in Pakistan in response to the 7.6 earthquake two weeks ago, but has been struggling along with the rest of the aid community to meet the shelter and logistical needs of the country.

The NASDAQ market, the world's largest virtual stock exchange, conducts Opening and Closing Bell ceremonies each day with its listed companies and, occasionally, an organization doing important work around the world. Action Against Hunger has presided over the NASDAQ Opening ceremony twice before, once in 2002, and once in 2003.