Action Against Hunger Begins Work in Egypt

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Action Against Hunger has started to work in Egypt, where one in five children suffer from chronic malnutrition. In addition, half of the population is below the poverty line and one in four young people are unemployed. As such, our programs will focus on three priority areas--livelihoods, job creation, and preventing malnutrition.    

"Egypt is at a decisive moment that will determine their future. It is the Egyptian people who are in charge of their own development, but Action Against Hunger will support them and provide tools that contribute to improving the livelihoods of the population," said Lucia Oliveira, Country Director for Action Against Hunger in Egypt.  

Oliveira mapped out the priorities for the organization, "Action Against Hunger will contribute to the creation of projects that increase income generation for the most vulnerable households through access to employment and entrepreneurship, focusing in particular on young people and women. We will also launch programs to detect and prevent malnutrition, with special emphasis on children under five with worrying levels of anemia and chronic malnutrition."  

Action Against Hunger has just successfully completed the registration process with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Social Solidarity, and is already building a network of alliances with other organizations and Egyptian governmental and non-governmental organizations to implement projects as soon as possible. 

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