ACF Experts Says It's Essential to Distribute Fresh Food to Earthquake Victims in Pakistan

Relief food must be distributed to entire population, especially most vulnerable groups

A team of Action Against Hunger experts in food security in the Bam region of Pakistan have determined that, although further food rations for the earthquake victims are not currently necessary, it is important to distribute food that gives the surviving population a balanced diet and to ensure that relief food reaches everyone.

The evaluation being carried out on the ground by the Action Against Hunger team highlights the importance of distributing fresh food, such as vegetables, fruit and bread, which ensure a balanced diet for earthquake survivors. According to the evaluation, relief food must be distributed in such a way that no one is left out, particularly the most vulnerable groups, that is, women and children. Many people may find it difficult to get to the food distribution areas.

Action Against Hunger, which has been in the region since the day following the earthquake in Pakistan, has a multi-disciplinary team of hydrologists and economists who, while distributing safe drinking water to the people, are assessing the criteria identifying the most needy families. This will aid in current distributions of relief food and will serve as a basis for future operations in the field of food security.

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