82,000 People Affected by Floods in Kenya

Our teams work with local aid groups to bring emergency relief to thousands of Kenyans.
Kenya flooding
Our teams are on the ground helping those affected by the floods

Since March, severe flooding caused by heavy rains has devastated the usually dry region of Tana River County, Kenya. The lives and livelihoods of more than 82,000 people hang in the balance, as they have lost their belongings, farmland, livestock, and access to clean water. An estimated 63,000 people are still displaced, unable to return home because their houses have been destroyed. In response to this disaster, Action Against Hunger has been hard at work providing emergency relief to thousands of people in desperate need of help. 

The floods destroyed roads and bridges, making it extremely difficult for us to reach affected populations. Despite logistical challenges, our teams have worked tirelessly in cooperation with other humanitarian aid groups, the Kenyan Red Cross, and government agencies to bring much-needed emergency supplies such as soap, chlorine, and Jerry cans to affected communities. 

The flood waters are starting to recede, so in addition to providing immediate emergency relief, we can now assess the overall situation and focus on long-term recovery efforts. Permanent water, sanitation, and hygiene projects are a particular priority, because water sources contaminated by flooding put already vulnerable populations at higher risk of water-borne illnesses such as diarrheal disease and cholera. Our teams are eager to resume work on a project supported by charity: water that will bring much-needed sustainable water and sanitation infrastructure to areas of Tana River County. In previous years, charity: water funded our development of sustainable water projects and sanitation, health and hygiene services to local communities. Their continued support will help us develop eighteen water projects and provide nearly 32,000 people in Tana River County with health and hygiene services by 2014.

“It seems like the long rainy season is coming to an end and that waters have subsided. The important thing now is to support the recovery of the households affected by the floods. After our initial emergency response through the Kenyan Red Cross, we are planning to resume our longer term water, sanitation, and hygiene project in the Tana River area funded by charity: water.”

– Panos Navrozidis, Country Director, ACF-Kenya

Though the rains have stopped, our relief efforts have not. We will continue to provide critical aid to people in Kenya. Our goal in Tana River County—and in other areas around the world—is to not only provide essential relief in the aftermath of an emergency, but also to help communities affected by disaster find sustainable routes to recovery. 

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