1,800 Miles for Haiti

Recent college grad will walk from Minneapolis to Miami to support ACF’s disaster response programs
Photo courtesy: J. Dibb.

If a good, long walk can clear a person’s head, Jordan Dibb may soon have one of the clearest heads in the world. He’s getting ready to walk from Minneapolis to Miami to raise money for Action Against Hunger’s emergency relief efforts in Haiti.

Jordan was not only shocked by the destruction in Haiti, he was also moved to action. When the 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck on January 12th, almost a year had passed since Jordan’s college graduation, and he was ready to get to work. He had spent the last several months saturating the job market with resumes, but could not get a break in an economy that was shedding workers.

“I wasn't even being considered for entry level jobs or coffee shop positions, even with a four-year degree,” says Jordan.

Then, on that Wednesday in January, everything changed. “A few days after the earthquake hit, I was sitting in a bar eating a big fat cheeseburger watching the television,” he remembers. “Suddenly a news story turned on covering the earthquake victims, how most of them hadn’t eaten in days. That's when I knew I had to put down the burger and start doing something.”

Jordan wanted to go to Haiti himself, to help with his own hands, but he had no disaster relief experience. So he came up with another way to help—a way, as it turns out, that depends more on his feet than his hands.

On March 27th, Jordan will set off from Minneapolis on the mammoth eight-state trek, expecting to arrive in Miami on July 4th. He is building a network of supporters and fans that will not only raise money, but also help house, feed, and provide him with a steady supply of walking shoes along the way.

As the idea took shape, Jordan was sure he could raise some money for Haiti and bring attention to the country’s serious, long-term needs. He set up a website called I Walk for Love, and a personal fundraising page through Action Against Hunger, but as he started to get the word out about his undertaking, he was simply unprepared for the enthusiasm it generated.

So far, Jordan has raised nearly $2,000 from friends and strangers alike and gained media attention in Minnesota, where he has appeared on television and in local newspapers.

“My I WalkForLove Facebook page alone has been averaging one fan per minute, which totally blew me away.” said Jordan, who hopes to raise over $100,000 by the end of his journey.

Time is Jordan’s greatest asset, and he is giving a lot of it to Haiti. Most people may not be able to dedicate more than three straight months to a cause, but dedication is not just measured in time.

“Any idea is possible. All you have to do is take the first step.”

Jordan has taken his. The first of many.

Support Jordan’s trek and contribute to his Haiti relief fund.

Follow him as he makes his way across the country.

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