Photo: Guy Calaf for Action Against Hunger, Borno State, Nigeria
Photo: Guy Calaf for Action Against Hunger, Borno State, Nigeria

At Action Against Hunger, we believe that partnerships are vital to addressing the complex issue of world hunger. Our partners--including corporations, foundations, institutional donors, universities, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs)--bring unique perspectives, knowledge and capacities that assist Action Against Hunger with its goal of ending hunger.

If you would like to join our fight against hunger, please contact our partnerships team at or learn more about partnering with us.   

Our Foundations partnerships team can be contacted at

Our Partners

Google Logo

We are grateful to Google and Googlers for their long-standing employee engagement (technology for social good, refugees, emergencies) with Action Against Hunger.

Humble Bundle Logo

Action Against Hunger has a long-standing partnership with the Humble Bundle community through Humble Bundle - the digital online storefront. We are thankful to the gaming community for their dedicated support.

Weight Watchers Logo

Action Against Hunger and Weight Watchers have been partners since 2008 through ‘Lose for Good’ campaigns. Weight Watchers’ members and online subscribers lost an estimated 20 million pounds during the campaigns in addition to supporting hundred thousands of children and their families across the globe with our emergency nutrition security programs. We are grateful to Weight Watchers employees and their incredible members.

P&G Logo

Proctor & Gamble have been a valuable partner to Action Against Hunger since 2010. They provided invaluable support to our international water, sanitation and hygiene programs since 2010 through a Research Project. P&G's commitment to improving health and hygiene through the benefits of its unique brands helps us improve life for children around the world.

This Saves Lives Logo

Action Against Hunger has an ongoing partnership with This Saves Lives, which provides in-kind donations of Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) for our nutrition programs. The in-kind contributions are generated through a promotion in which a percentage of sales of two signature granola bars goes towards the cost of one RUTF sachet.

Hard Rock Cafe Logo

Through the Hard Rock Heals Foundation, a portion of the proceeds from Hard Rock Cafe's new menu will benefit Action Against Hunger and help us reach more malnourished children in need.


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