Faye Ekong, Director of Field Human Resources, Learning & Development

Faye Ekong is an experienced Human Resources, Learning & Development practitioner passionate about organizational development, change and transformation. She is committed to learning, professional development and continuous improvement and dedicated to advancing the HR profession in the non-profit sector to play a stronger role in shaping organizational strategy, contributing to organizational success and becoming a vital business partner.

As a member of the senior management team, she is responsible for taking the lead in advancing and positioning the organization in the areas of change management, organizational and performance management, training and development, compensation and benefits and talent management.  She oversees the development and execution of human resource strategy in support of the overall Action Against Hunger USA plan and strategic direction.

Ms. Ekong joined the organization in 2011 and has served in various position including Regional Training Manager and Director of the Action Against Hunger USA Training Center. 

Prior to joining Action Against Hunger USA, she worked both as part of an international management consultancy group and freelance expert focused on enhancing management capacities and organizational development. During this time she provided advisory services to several actors across Africa and Europe including Government Institutions, UN agencies and a wide range of International Organizations.

Ms. Ekong is a SHRM-Senior Certified Practitioner (SHRM-SCP). She holds a BA Hons from the University of Bath in European Studies & Modern Languages and an Msc in International Management from the Royal Holloway University. 

Action Against Hunger is a global humanitarian organization that takes decisive action against the causes and effects of hunger. We save the lives of malnourished children. We ensure everyone can access clean water, food, training and healthcare. We enable entire communities to be free from hunger.