Field Position FAQs

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Who We Are Looking for

  • Candidates are required to have a relevant degree and a minimum of two years professional experience in their field.
  • Overseas work experience or extensive travel is a plus.
  • A minimum of one-year commitment is required.
  • Experience with a non-governmental organization is desired.
  • Working knowledge of English and preferably another language such as French, Spanish or Portuguese is preferred.
  • Managerial skills required.
  • Ability to deal with stressful situations.
  • Ability to adapt within the working environment.
  • Ability to work within a team setting.

Benefits of Working with Us

  • Training provided at headquarters before leaving for assignment site.
  • Annual salary US$15,600 to US$36,000, deposited into your home bank account.
  • Non cash/field benefits are estimated at US$24,000/ year depending on the country of assignment:
  • All expenses paid in the field: transportation, room and board, and living expenses.
  • We also provide a per diem allowance on the field, which is determined according to the living expenses of the country.
  • Full insurance package, including medical insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, medical evacuations and repatriation.
  • Regular breaks every three to four months while in the field, with transportation provided to a break reference point determined by the mission.
  • Accrual of 2.5 calendar days paid leave per month, which can only be used upon completion of the project, generally after one year if the contract is renewed. If the contract is not renewed then the paid leave will be paid in one lump sum upon completion of the project.
  • A return ticket home is also paid after 1 year.
  • Child allowance: between US$2,200 and US$4,000 per year, per child depending on the age.

Field Position FAQs

Where do we work?

We provide aid in more than 40 countries for roughly 5 million beneficiaries. Our programs are supported by more than 400 international and 5000 national employees within ACF's international network with headquarters in Canada, France, Spain, the USA and the UK.

When do we recruit?

Recruitment is an on an ongoing basis.

How long is the contract?

Usually a minimum requirement of one year is necessary. For a Country Director position we ask a two year commitment. Contracts may then be extended though there is no guarantee.

Are the field positions accompanied?

All posts for first time volunteers are unaccompanied. In most cases, the location of our programs does not allow for friends or family members to visit volunteers. Accompanied posts are only considered after a few years with the organization.

Are there any physical requirements?

To travel to the countries where our programs are located, the employee must attest to a level of physical fitness capable of enduring physically difficult, highly stressful situations which may include the necessity to walk long distances, carry a backpack or other equipment of up to 50 pounds, to ride long distances over very poor road/water conditions, to eat a limited diet and/or to reside in potentially uncomfortable housing or tents. The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.

What are the visa requirements and will ACF help me obtain a visa?

ACF will assist with the visa application though the successful applicant will be ultimately responsible for obtaining the necessary visas. All fees are paid for or reimbursed by the ACF and all visas are to be obtained before departure.

Where do I find out about current vacancies?

Visit the job opportunities page.

What is the recruitment process?

  • Applicant sends a motivation letter and a current CV into our New York office through our website.
  • A Human Resources Officer screens the application and responds within a month of receipt of application.
  • Positively screened applicants are invited to interview with someone in HR, preferably in the New York office, or if not possible over the phone or in another HQ if more convenient.
  • Following an interview and reference check, suitable applicants are asked for a second technical interview.
  • Following a successful completion of the second interview, candidates accepted are entered in the roster and made available for assignment with the international network.
  • When a post fits the availability and profile of the candidate, it is proposed and when accepted the departure procedure is started.

What does training involve?

There are regularly scheduled training sessions in Europe. Full travel and accommodation expenses are provided for. Upon completion of training, candidates will travel to their placement country.

How does the placement procedure work?

Placement is discussed during the interview process and depends on the availability of open positions and the preference of the candidate. ACF International encompasses 40 different countries in which a candidate can be placed.

What if I want to work for ACF but do not meet the requirements explained above?

The best way to learn how to prepare yourself for a job with ACF is to check the "Qualifications" or "Requirements" sections of our job postings. Due to the technical nature of many of the positions and the stress involved in working abroad we usually cannot place recent college graduates or individuals who do not have any experience working overseas. Most of our field staff comes to us with at least several years of experience, including varied experience and skills in the humanitarian field.

We typically look for individuals who have held management positions and are comfortable working in a team setting. Our expatriate staff must be able to show good judgment, have experience working in a stressful environment and have a proven adaptability. Building your resume with as many of these qualifications as possible is a good way to enhance your suitability for an expatriate position.

What if I have already applied for different positions at Action Against Hunger and still have not been invited for an interview?

We understand that it is disappointing to be so interested in a field like humanitarian aid or an organization like ACF and not seem to be able to even get your foot in the door. Keep in mind that landing a job or even an internship with us is a highly competitive endeavor. ACF typically receives anywhere from 900-1500 applications every month. Our best advice is to check our website for postings, review the desired qualifications, and build your resume around those skills.

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