Field Finance Administrator

The Field Finance Administrator objective is to manage all financial resources and administrative aspects of the mission and supports the activities of the technical teams. The Finance Administrator is responsible for ensuring the mission adheres to local financial and administrative regulations while minimizing the financial risk in the mission. It is the Finance administrator responsibility to conduct these activities in an effective, transparent and consistent manner in the field while keeping in mind the rules and deadlines set in place by donors and Action Against hunger.


Finance Management and Accounting

The Finance Administrator is responsible for managing the accountancy ledger of the mission, as well as, managing the financial risk, auditing and reporting to donors. This includes treasury control, the budget follow-ups, grant proposals and the drawing of financial reports.


The Field Finance Administrator and the logistician will work together in cases related to contract negotiations, orders, and rental of equipment and premises. In addition, they will establish principles and clear procedures on issues like how to place orders, payment, etc.

Human Resources

The Field Finance Administrator will offer daily support to the local and expatriate staff. This includes planning staff development/ training, recruitment, labor regulations, salaries, performance evaluation, and internal regulations. In addition, it includes the supervision of the local and expatriates staff.


The Field Finance Administrator will represent the organization at local/ regional level meetings. In addition, the Administrator will be representing the organization when donors or HQ representatives make a visit to the mission.


The Field Finance Administrator is responsible for participating in all the affairs related to security policies. In addition, the Finance Administrator will need to know mission’s evacuation plan, travel rules, etc.


  • Bachelors’ degree in Accounting, Business Administration, Commerce or Finance with a recognized professional certificate in accounting such as CPA, or a Masters degree in Accounting.
  • Demonstrated interest in finance management, finance training and/or accounting.
  • Good written and verbal skills in two of the following languages: English, French or Spanish.
  • Must be comfortable in being a proactive member of the top-management team.
  • Must be able to function effectively in a loosely structured, but complex work. environment and to set appropriate priorities and deal effectively with numerous simultaneous requirements.
  • Ability to carry out responsibilities independently with minimal technical support from within the program organization.
  • Must be a patient and good communicator who can function in an organizational environment involving a diversity of cultures, languages, and personal interests and agendas.
  • Good at role of facilitator and team player in solving problems.
  • Committed to staff training and development.
  • Genuine commitment to the principles and work of Action against Hunger.


  • Minimum 2 years of managerial experience in the financial area (including internships in finance areas).
  • Extensive experience working with computerized accounting systems, standard spreadsheet and database programs.
  • Good working knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets and accountancy package.

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