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Action Against Hunger’s methods for identifying and rescuing populations afflicted with acute malnutrition are internationally renowned, having pioneered revolutionary nutrition products and field tested treatment protocols that have become industry standards.

From rural mountain villages to the confines of refugee camps to ethnically divided cities, Action Against Hunger treats and prevents malnutrition in over 40 countries around the world. Our programs are launched most often during times of crisis and focus on the most vulnerable, including young children and women who are pregnant or nursing.

Strategic Programming for Community Nutrition Interventions

Combining information from Guinea, Malawi and Mali, this Action Against Hunger publication discusses implementation techniques and procedures to improve community workshops. Using experiences and results from those countries, the guide covers everything from context analysis to community participation.

Summary Report: Management of Acute Malnutrition in Infants (MAMI) Project

This summary report—a collaborative effort between Action Against Hunger | ACF International and other agencies— identifies key findings of the Management of Acute Malnutrition in Infants Project (MAMI).  The project focuses on the guidelines, policies and strategies already in place for the treatment of acutely malnourished infants under six months of age, and offers recommendations for future practices and research.

Acute Malnutrition: A Preventable Pandemic

Acute malnutrition, a devastating disease of epidemic proportions, affects some 55 million children with moderate acute malnutrition, 19 million of whom are afflicted with severe acute malnutrition—the most dangerous type of hunger. Each year, at least 3.5 million of these children die because they lack access to treatment even though these deaths are entirely preventable. Read more about this disease and Action Against Hunger’s proven approach to addressing its symptoms and underlying causes.


About Action Against Hunger | ACF International

Action Against Hunger is internationally recognized as a leader in the fight against global malnutrition. Action Against Hunger works to save the lives of malnourished children while providing communities with access to safe water and sustainable solutions to hunger. With over 30 years of expertise in emergency situations of conflict, natural disaster, and chronic food insecurity, Action Against Hunger runs life-saving programs in some 40 countries benefiting 5 million people each year.

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