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French charity welcomes inquiry into aid worker massacre in Sri Lanka

"...Charity [Action Against Hunger] (ACF) has welcomed a United Nations resolution which paves the way for an inquiry into human rights abuses committed during Sri Lanka's civil war, including the massacre of 17 of its aid workers eight years ago. The ACF workers were murdered outside their office in the town of Muttur in the mainly Tamil north of Sri Lanka in August 2006. The charity said they were lined up and shot at point blank range.

3.2 million in need as Central African Republic health service collapses

"Some 3.2 million people in Central African Republic lack access to essential healthcare because of the looting of medical supplies and the flight of many doctors from their posts after a coup in March that was followed by persistent widespread violence, aid agencies said. 'Inevitably, when there are no services, people seek alternatives,' said Alain Coutand, Director of Regional Operations at Action Contre la Faim [Action Against Hunger], an INGO responsible for treating malnutrition and implementing water, sanitation and hygiene programmes in CAR.

Reuters Photographs of Action Against Hunger's Work in Mauritania

Reuters AlertNet has published a series of photographs by Susana Vera, depicting life in and around an Action Against Hunger food distribution center in crisis-stricken Mauritania. A full third of the country's population, amounting to around a million people, are at risk of severe malnutrition if rain doesn't fall by July, according to Action Against Hunger estimates. 

View some of Susana Vera's photographs here:

Nutrition aid still a fraction of needs - report

"Aid to tackle undernutrition is just a tiny fraction of the billions needed each year, with global efforts to improve child nutrition slow and inconsistent, says a new report from Action Against Hunger.

Children dying in Chad as Sahel crisis bites

"Children in western Chad have started dying from malnutrition as a major hunger crisis threatening West Africa begins to take hold, an international charity has warned. Child malnutrition rates have soared in the region of Kanem, which is now in the grip of a full blown emergency, Action Contre La Faim (ACF) said...More than 2,000 children in Kanem were admitted to nutrition treatment centres in February alone, triple the number treated in December, according to ACF.

Malnutrition on the rise: Kanem region of Chad enters food emergency

"More than 2,000 malnourished children were admitted to Action Against Hunger | ACF International’s nutritional centres in Kanem in February alone, which is more than three times the number treated in the same month last year.

How to stop disasters making a bad water situation worse?

"Here in Marseille, aid groups like Action Contre La Faim (Action Against Hunger - ACF) are patting themselves on the back for pushing the issue of water-related humanitarian emergencies higher up the political agenda, saying they've made it to the heart of World Water Forum discussions for the first time...ACF President Benoît Miribel agreed that 'disasters are happening where there is already a disaster', whether it's a scarcity of water or bad sanitation, leaving some countr

Why cash schemes are popular in Sahel hunger response

Many aid groups responding to a looming hunger crisis in West Africa have made cash-for-work schemes a key part of their effort to help people threatened by severe food shortages.

These initiatives involve paying people for community tasks with money or vouchers that can be exchanged for food in local stores.

More than 11 million people face a food crisis in the Sahel region south of the Sahara as a result of bad harvests from drought and erratic rainfall as well as high prices for staples, the United Nations says.

The global aid system: better the devil we know?

One complaint often aired by NGOs is that they do not have direct access to money from the U.N.'s Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), which only cascades down to them though U.N. agencies. Changing that could speed up their access to money and enable them to respond faster, they argue.

Jean-Michel Grand, executive director of the British arm of Action Against Hunger (ACF) said U.N. agencies "can prove to be a very expensive middle man in terms of programme funding".

Charity report says unity key in fighting global poverty

Better coordination between donors, governments and communities will help reduce poverty and disease, a joint report conducted by six major aid agencies said.


About Action Against Hunger | ACF International

Action Against Hunger is internationally recognized as a leader in the fight against global malnutrition. Action Against Hunger works to save the lives of malnourished children while providing communities with access to safe water and sustainable solutions to hunger. With over 30 years of expertise in emergency situations of conflict, natural disaster, and chronic food insecurity, Action Against Hunger runs life-saving programs in some 40 countries benefiting 5 million people each year.

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