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AFGHANISTAN: Sanitation woes in makeshift IDP camps

"...Anne Garella, head of the Action Contre la Faim (ACF) country mission, told IRIN they had applied to build toilets and water points for the Qambar IDPs but had failed to get permission from the government."

Over 150,000 Gazans still without tap water

"International aid institutions like Oxfam, Action Contre la Faim (ACF) and CARE continue to deliver containers of drinking water to residents in affected areas, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)."

Myanmar: Cyclone survivors face water shortages

"...ACF is delivering clean, fresh water to nine villages in Bogale Township. With the help of ACF, the inhabitants of these villages, who had to purchase fresh water from water vendors prior to the cyclone, now have a good supply of potable water. ..."

Laos: Finding alternatives to resettlement

"...The issue of how to ensure that remote communities have access to transportation and other services to achieve adequate standards of living has often resulted in controversial resettlement schemes*. Now the Lao government is collaborating with the international NGO, Action Contre la Faim, and the European Commission, to offer an alternative. ..."

Mali: Food Situation Looks Positive Despite Insecurity

"But the country has not been entirely insulated from global food price rises, particularly when it comes to rice. Mali produces on average half of its total annual rice consumption, importing the rest mostly from Asia. 'We have seen some rises in the price of local rice,' said Christian Bren from the non-governmental organisation Action Contre la Faim in Gao, 'but Mali has better managed the high prices than the other countries.'"

Humanitarians cool on G8 summit response to food crisis

"...Action Against Hunger called for immediate action. 'We are hoping for more than promises or long-term plans that are doomed to fail. We aren’t as optimistic about the prospects for immediate solutions stemming from the recent G8 meetings,' security adviser Ilke Pietzsch told IRIN..."

NGOs call for more funds, investment in agriculture

"'The G8 nations shoulder much of the responsibility for current global conditions and should commit to the achievable goal of ending hunger as a fundamental step towards alleviating human suffering, increasing international security and fostering economic [growth],” Devrig Velly, senior food security adviser for the NGO Action Against Hunger (AAH), told IRIN.'"

Differing Views on a “New Deal” to Counter Soaring Food Prices for the Poor

"'The NGO Action Against Hunger (ACF) calls for building capacity in Africa through access to credit, agricultural extension programs and training, citing the continent’s untapped potential and the need to avoid the high transportation costs as oil prices soar.

'The transport costs associated with food aid could be better used to improve local production techniques and agricultural systems,' ACF Food Security Adviser Silke Pietzsch told IRIN."

MALI: Some Aid Suspend in Kidal Amid Violence

"With fighting on 2 April between Tuareg rebels and government soldiers 20 km south of Kidal on the road to Gao, some aid agencies are suspending activities...'We have put our operations on hold and are watching developments closely,’ Patricia Hoorelbeke, head of the non-governmental organisation (NGO)’s Action Contre la Faim, told IRIN on 3 April...Oxfam refuses to use military escorts as it is against its policy.

Freedom from hunger is "Not an optional human right"

" The world has the technical ability but lacks the political will to eliminate global hunger, a scourge afflicting one in eight people that is as much a violation of human rights as torture, according to a report by the NGO, Action Against Hunger."


About Action Against Hunger | ACF International

Action Against Hunger is internationally recognized as a leader in the fight against global malnutrition. Action Against Hunger works to save the lives of malnourished children while providing communities with access to safe water and sustainable solutions to hunger. With over 30 years of expertise in emergency situations of conflict, natural disaster, and chronic food insecurity, Action Against Hunger runs life-saving programs in some 40 countries benefiting 5 million people each year.

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