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Aid groups take emergency steps against Ebola onslaught

"International aid organisations launched a series of emergency measures across west Africa on Thursday in a bid to contain one of the worst ever outbreaks of the deadly Ebola virus, which is threatening every country in the region...Action Against Hunger, a global aid group, warned of a looming shortage of sanitation stocks and said it had begun distributing chlorine and soap to families and schools in Guinea and setting up hand-washing facilities. 'We are checking the availability of chlorine in the country, because we could be running out in the coming hours.

One-Third Of Central African Republic's Population In 'Urgent' Need Of Food: UN

As re-published on The Huffington Post: "Action Against Hunger (ACF) spokesman Lucille Grosjean states that number of the children in treatment center[s] raised to 1200 in the capital Bangui, Central African Republic (CAR) on March 3, 2014. Local people living under difficult conditions are in need of clean water to drink and food."

Children are new targets in Central Africa's conflict

"In the latest violence to rock the crisis-prone and poor Central African Republic, children have become deliberate targets of armed gangs, mainly because of their family's faith, aid workers say...'The situation has never been so bad,' said a hospital nutrition specialist outside a tent of the charity Action Against Hunger that has been put up on open ground to help take in the excess of patients.'"

Muslims, Christians torn apart in Central Africa town

"The Christian camp is on one side, the Muslim camp on another, separated by a red dirt road littered with abandoned homes, a no man's land swirling with bitterness, rumours and accusations. Wrenched apart by sectarian violence, the Central African Republic town of Bossangoa has become little more than a ghost town...'Spontaneously and in waves, in the past two months, 40,000 Christians in Bossangoa and surrounding villages have gathered around the archbishopric, crammed onto only four hectares,' said an official from the aid group Action Against Hunger."

Cholera fears as humanitarian crisis looms for C. Africa capital

"Aid workers warned Thursday of a looming humanitarian crisis in the Central African capital as tens of thousands of residents desperate for protection slept rough near a French army base in Bangui...In Bossangoa in the northwest of the country, tens of thousands also fled to camps, fearing a repeat of violence that has largely pitted Christians against Muslims. NGO Action Against Hunger said one camp it operates only had one water source, adding it was trying to take care of the rubbish and wastewater as best it could, and building latrines."

C. Africa in grip of 'severe humanitarian crisis'

"Relief agencies in the Central African Republic warned on Thursday that the entire population of the poor, landlocked nation faced a serious humanitarian crisis after a coup in March. 'The whole population of the Central African Republic, 4.6 million people, is affected by a severe humanitarian crisis in the wake of the coup d'etat and the political instability that followed,' said a statement signed by a dozen groups including Action Against Hunger and Save the Children."

Madagascar's hungry eat grasshoppers after deadly cyclone

"French charity group Action Against Hunger, which invited AFP to see the extent of the needs of the hurricane's victims, has begun disinfecting contaminated wells with chlorine and has installed a pump system to try to remove the dirty water. "This is an emergency," said Stephane Senia, the group's water programme manager, adding that they are working to restore the wells to their pre-cyclone condition. "So we're not looking to work miracles.

Mali Islamists destroy key bridge to thwart new offensive

"...Aid group Action Against Hunger (ACF) warned that the opening of a new front in the east of the landlocked country could worsen an already dire food situation in the remote area. It raised fears 'that an armed ground intervention from Niger will cut the last access route to supply basic goods (food and medicine) to people in the region,' a statement said. 'There are clearly cases of acute malnutrition,' said ACF official Lucile Grosjean, adding that it affected about 20,000 children under 15.

Famine Stalks the Sahel

“Light rains, poor harvests and overpriced food will combine to create a severe famine for five Sahel countries if urgent, large-scale measures are not taken, experts warn.

“‘What is undertaken today will determine whether a new major food crisis will occur’ in the region, said Vincent Taillandier, an official of Action Against Hunger.

“‘But it’s the cumulative effect of the current situation, less than two years after the last big food crisis, which presages the worst crisis since 2005.’”

'Green hunger' as starvation stalks fertile Guatemala

"Luis Alexander is nine months old and suffers from acute malnutrition. He appears weak and tiny in his mother's arms in front of their mudbrick house.

Ronald Estuardo Navas, a hunger monitor at the international non-profit Action Against Hunger, measures Luis's arm with a tape that evaluates the nutritional health of a child via the size of the upper arm.

'He has a perimetre of 9.9 centimetres — there's a high risk he could die,' he said."


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