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Sri Lanka

Muttur: Commemorating Two Years Since The Tragedy

Two years ago on 4th August 2006, 17 Action Against Hunger humanitarian aid workers were executed on their base in Muttur in Sri Lanka. They were killed in the offices of a humanitarian organization, a place which had, until then, been considered as a safe house. 17 of our colleagues, 17 friends, brothers and sisters. 13 men and 4 women. A father and his daughter, a mother and five fathers. 11 of them had not yet reached the age of 30. 17 human beings who lost their lives because they wanted to help others.

Relief Worker Attacks in Afghanistan, Somalia Cut Aid

"...For the first time, humanitarian workers are being specifically targeted, said Nan Dale, the U.S. executive director for Paris-based Action Against Hunger/Action Contre la Faim, which had two French workers kidnapped in Afghanistan on July 18. ..."

Muttur Massacre: ACF Denounces Ineffective Legal Procedures in Sri Lanka

On August 4, 2006, 17 members of Action Against Hunger / ACF-USA were brutally executed while carrying out humanitarian programs in Muttur, Sri Lanka—the most heinous crime ever committed against a non-governmental organization. Following these atrocities, several legal proceedings were initiated in Sri Lanka, but today, after nearly two years of effort, ACF is forced to recognize the failure of these procedures and the blatant lack of will of the Sri Lankan government to establish the truth.

Aid group calls for international probe of massacre of 17 of its workers in Sri Lanka

"...Action against Hunger invited the European Union, France, Norway, the United States and Japan to join Sri Lanka in forming an inquiry into the killings in Muttur. ..."

Questions Still Haunt Sri Lanka Aid Massacre

"But this story is not about that. It is about the little I know of what was at the time the bloodiest attack on the humanitarian community since a 2003 bomb attack on the United Nations Baghdad headquarters...In what Human Rights Watch describes as 'an extraordinary piece of investigation', they blame a Muslim home guard and two police constables for most of the killings.

The Muttur Massacre: ACF Demands International Inquiry into Sri Lankan Assassinations

Even as the Sri Lankan organization University Teachers for Human Rights (UTHR) publishes its report on an investigation into the savage 2006 assassination of 17 Action Against Hunger / Action Contre la Faim (ACF) aid workers in Muttur, ACF is calling for an international inquiry to fully investigate these murders to reveal the whole truth and bring those responsible to justice.

Sri Lanka accused over massacre

"The bodies of the Action Against Hunger workers were found in the north-eastern town of Muttur... It was one of the worst attacks on humanitarian workers since the 2003 bombing of the UN compound in Baghdad...Meanwhile an international panel invited by Sri Lanka to observe the government's probe into human rights abuses has shut down, three weeks after accusing Colombo of failing to tackle the issue...The IIGEP's final report is expected to be presented to Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse next month and the panel's office will formally close on 30 April, the statement said."

Report Details Sri Lanka Aid Massacre, Blames Forces

"A rights group report on Tuesday blamed local security forces for the massacre of 17 Sri Lankan tsunami aid workers in 2006 and accused the government of an outright cover-up...The University Teachers for Human Rights (UTHR), a Sri Lankan group that has been criticised by both sides throughout the two decade civil war, named a local Muslim home guard -- a police auxiliary -- and two constables as the killers of most of the group...UTHR said publishing the rep

ACF Response to a Recent Statement by the Sri Lankan Government

Action against Hunger (Action contre la Faim - ACF) has been informed that a letter was sent by Professor Rajiva Wijesinha, Secretary General of the Secretariat for Co-ordinating the Peace Process (SCOPP) to the Honorable Mahinda Samarasinghe, Minister of Human Rights and Disaster Management; that was publicly released to an unknown mailing list.

Crossing the Line in Sri Lanka

"For the past year, Action Against Hunger has been pressing for a full investigation into the murder of its staff. They were found in their own compound wearing T-shirts that identified them as humanitarian workers. They were lying face-down and it appears that they had been deliberately executed.


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