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New Haiti Cholera Warning, Vaccine Questions, and "Squatters" Vulnerable

"Everyday, even of the past two months, more and more squatters arrive; ACF which has provided limited assistance in Canaan (without Government approval) providing potable water and wat/san messaging was recording 1,000 arrivals per/day at one point. I posed the question as to why Camp Canaan, the ignored 'bad camp' with upwards of 8,000 displaced, has not received any aid except for some latrines provided by the Irish NGO Haven and a water bladder from Action Against Hunger (ACF)."

UNICEF supports Strategic Nutrition Framework for cholera response in Haiti

"The Ministry of Health (MSPP) with technical support from UNICEF has launched the Strategic Nutrition Framework for Cholera Response in Haiti. Several other partners such as WHO, WFP, Fondefh, Action Against Hunger and AVSI are also participating in this effort."

ACF Expands Cholera Response in Haiti amidst Crisis

ARTIBONITE, HAITI— Action Against Hunger | ACF International has stepped up its response to the cholera outbreak in Haiti, which has grown in the wake of flooding caused by Hurricane Tomas. The global humanitarian agency warns that cholera could spiral out of control given its recent spread into Port-au-Prince, its rapid growth in the Artibonite and North-West departments, severe weather conditions that have exacerbated the problem, and insufficient resources to combat the disease.

Haiti - Epidemic : The Artibonite need at least 1,200 body bags

"Action Contre la Faim (ACF), which is now the only organization of emergency in the Haut Artibonite and North West indicated that given the population density, to psychosis growing up in the city, with multiple risk of contamination, size and inaccessibility of some areas of the Artibonite and Northwest, it is urgent that other actors specializing in water, sanitation and hygiene are mobilized in these areas."

Prevention Efforts Doubled Amidst Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

A week into Haiti’s first cholera outbreak in many decades, Action Against Hunger | ACF International strengthened its emergency response activities to prevent the spread of this highly contagious, deadly disease, which has already claimed over 300 victims and poses a risk to the displaced living in tents without clean water and proper sanitation.

UNICEF expands response to cholera outbreak in Haiti with supply distributions to communities and health centres

"UNICEF, along with other UN agencies and partners Action Contre la Faim (ACF), ACTED and Zanmi lasante, is supporting the Ministry of Health and DINEPA in providing medical and water sanitation supplies, including water purification chemicals, antibiotics, and oral rehydration salts."

UNICEF is distributing medical and sanitation supplies in Artibonite, Haiti where cases of acute diarrhea are reported

"UNICEF, with its partners on the ground in the Saint-Marc region, is distributing available supplies including water purification chemicals, antibiotics, diarrheal disease kits and oral rehydration salts, with more supplies being dispatched. UNICEF is on standby for possible additional deployment to support the Ministry of Health along with partners Action Contre la Faim (ACF), ACTED and Zanmi lasante."

Action Against Hunger Responds to Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

ARTIBONITE, HAITI—Action Against Hunger | ACF International has launched an emergency response to contain cholera in Artibonite, the epicenter of an epidemic that has thus far killed over 250 people and caused at least 3,000 more reported cases, and to prevent its spread in the capital of Port-au-Prince. The deadly water-borne illness resurfaced in Haiti last week for the first time in over a hundred years.

Commission details action in cholera-hit Haiti

"The European Commission has defended its humanitarian action in Haiti, where an outbreak of cholera has killed at least 250 people following an earthquake in January that devastated the country's capital Port-au-Prince. Asked by EurActiv to comment, Ferran Tarradellas, spokesperson for EU Humanitarian Aid Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva, defended the Commission's action. The EU is working with partners on the ground, in particular the Spanish Red Cross, the French Red Cross, Action Contre la Faim and others, he said."

Food plant sits idle as millions of children face starvation

"There are millions of children in Niger, Chad, Guatemala, Haiti, Yemen, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan and so many other countries in desperate need of this food. Without proper nutrients, small children suffer physical and mental damage leading to a lifetime of suffering or death. The World Food Programme, Action Against Hunger and other agencies do not have the cash to buy the food that would save these children."


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