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Northern Mali Faces Food and Currency Shortages

“'There have been no food supplies in Gao for the past two weeks,' according to  Lucile Grosjean, the spokesperson for the international humanitarian organisation Action Against Hunger (ACF)...'Because of the occupation by the Jihadist groups, farmers have not had the support they normally receive from the Ministry of Agriculture to improve rice production on plantations on the banks of the Niger River,' Grosjean expained.

Mali Crisis: A Mother's Journey to Save Her Son

This week has been a hopeful one for citizens of Mali. After several weeks of intense conflict, major outposts in the country’s north – Gao and Timbuktu – have been secured. Still, almost 250,000 Malians are displaced, and many of them have been for months – even before the most recent outbreak of violence. Humanitarian needs remain significant. Our teams are hard at work caring for children like the little boy you are about to meet.

Refugees flee Mali as conflict worsens

"Military action has disrupted the work of some NGOs in the north. Action Against Hunger said it has suspended its programmes in Gao temporarily, and warned that clashes are hampering humanitarian aid to vulnerable communities. 'This new phase of the conflict is adding to the fragility of the population,' said Vincent Stehli, director of operations for Action Against Hunger. 'We fear the worst is yet to come in the spring – the period between harvests, when food reserves will be exhausted.

New Threats in Mali Deepen Humanitarian Crisis

Since the start of the military intervention in Mali's Gao region two weeks ago, the population's access to food supplies across the region has deteriorated significantly. According to our team on the ground, the local economy is in a downward spiral and residents are in survival mode. Our experts are also increasingly concerned that a potential armed intervention from Niger will further decrease access to food and humanitarian supplies across northern Mali.

Food insecurity the next crisis for northern Mali

"Many more northern Malians are likely to face severe food shortages in the coming days and weeks if markets remain blocked by border and road closures, and humanitarian access remains limited, warn food security agencies. Disruption to the Mopti-Douentza-Gao corridor has also led to severely diminished cereal supplies in Gao markets, says Action Against Hunger's head in the capital, Bamako, Franck Vannetelle. Gao residents are relying on cereal imports from Niger.

Mali Islamists destroy key bridge to thwart new offensive

"...Aid group Action Against Hunger (ACF) warned that the opening of a new front in the east of the landlocked country could worsen an already dire food situation in the remote area. It raised fears 'that an armed ground intervention from Niger will cut the last access route to supply basic goods (food and medicine) to people in the region,' a statement said. 'There are clearly cases of acute malnutrition,' said ACF official Lucile Grosjean, adding that it affected about 20,000 children under 15.

Mali refugees flee across borders as fighting blocks humanitarian aid

"Military action has disrupted the work of some NGOs in the north. Action Against Hunger said it has suspended its programmes in Gaotemporarily, and warned that clashes are hampering humanitarian aid to vulnerable communities.

Mali conflict sparks fears of humanitarian crisis

"The UN has said it is able to get access to Mopti from Timbuktu by water, but that Konna as well as Gao and Kidal further in the north remain inaccessible to humanitarian operations. Other humanitarian organisations, including Plan Mali, Action Contre la Faim (Action Against Hunger) and Christian Aid say they have withdrawn all staff from the area affected by conflict and have been forced to suspend operations. 'Action Contre la Faim has had to temporarily suspend its programmes in the Gao region,' the organisation said in a statement.

Hundreds of Thousands at Risk as Conflict Threatens Food Security across Mali

The growing conflict in northern Mali has caused widespread insecurity, displacement, and disruptions, including the suspension of vital humanitarian efforts across the region of Gao as Action Against Hunger is forced to place existing programs on hold, warning that the latest clashes were undermining already vulnerable communities across the region.


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