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Mali Crisis: A Mother's Journey to Save Her Son

This week has been a hopeful one for citizens of Mali. After several weeks of intense conflict, major outposts in the country’s north – Gao and Timbuktu – have been secured. Still, almost 250,000 Malians are displaced, and many of them have been for months – even before the most recent outbreak of violence. Humanitarian needs remain significant. Our teams are hard at work caring for children like the little boy you are about to meet.

New Threats in Mali Deepen Humanitarian Crisis

Since the start of the military intervention in Mali's Gao region two weeks ago, the population's access to food supplies across the region has deteriorated significantly. According to our team on the ground, the local economy is in a downward spiral and residents are in survival mode. Our experts are also increasingly concerned that a potential armed intervention from Niger will further decrease access to food and humanitarian supplies across northern Mali.

Hundreds of Thousands at Risk as Conflict Threatens Food Security across Mali

The growing conflict in northern Mali has caused widespread insecurity, displacement, and disruptions, including the suspension of vital humanitarian efforts across the region of Gao as Action Against Hunger is forced to place existing programs on hold, warning that the latest clashes were undermining already vulnerable communities across the region.

Emergency Relief Efforts Scaled Up in Typhoon-Stricken Philippines

Incessant, heavy rain is making rehabilitation efforts challenging in the Surigao del Sur region of the Philippines, where Typhoon Bopha hit last month. But no challenge is too great for our Action Against Hunger emergency responders! We’ve distributed rice, oil, salt, sugar, canned meat, fish, and vegetables to some 12,000 individuals from 2,000 families.

Emergency: Typhoon Bopha Sows Destruction Across Southern Philippines

A large typhoon tore its way through the southern Philippines this week, leaving more than 450 people dead and as many missing. An Action Against Hunger emergency response team – with expertise in disaster logistics, nutrition, water and sanitation, food security, and psychology – has been deployed to conduct a rapid assessment in Surigao del Sur, one of the areas affected by the typhoon.

Crisis Mounts in DRC: 200,000 Displaced in Past 10 Days

Imagine fleeing violence in your home city and settling in a camp for displaced citizens. If that fate isn’t difficult enough, imagine the area around the camp then being seized by members of a rebel group, forcing you back, homeless, to your city of origin where there is no power and virtually no access to water. This scenario isn’t a bad dream. It’s the reality being faced by residents who originally hail from Goma, a city in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Action Against Hunger Kenya Takes Nutrition Work to Next Level

Huyen Tran, Action Against Hunger’s Country Program Coordinator in Kenya, participated this week in a groundbreaking nutrition symposium. In a Q&A with me, she reveals how the results of the gathering will impact the country’s humanitarian interventions for years to come.

Elisabeth Rapport (ER): The first-ever Kenya Nutrition Symposium was held this week. Describe the significance of this event for the humanitarian community in Kenya, and for Action Against Hunger specifically.

A Message for Our Friends, Post-Hurricane Sandy

With our headquarters in New York City, we’ve experienced Hurricane Sandy and all her wrath this week – and we know many of you have, too. First and foremost, we hope this message finds you and your loved ones safe and well.

Facing the Facts on World Food Day: Scarcity Isn’t the Problem

This piece is also available in its entirety on The Huffington Post.

It's a good thing you're reading this piece electronically - if you had a hard copy, chances are it'd now be accessorized by a coffee ring and crumbs from your breakfast. I wouldn't mind, though. You might take a moment to feel extra appreciative of that spoonful of cereal as today is World Food Day.

Happy Global Handwashing Day from Action Against Hunger

October 15, 2012 is the fifth anniversary of Global Handwashing Day, which is a particularly special year because it marks a major goal in a child’s life- reaching their fifth birthday.  The importance of washing hands with soap cannot be overstated; research has shown that it is among the most effective and inexpensive ways to prevent diarrhea and pneumonia which cause more than 3.5 million child deaths every year.


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