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When Food Prices Spike: Restoring Normalcy in the Central African Republic

After a coup last month, the Central African Republic is still experiencing violence, and food prices, which are typically unstable, have been made more volatile by recent events. The recent upheaval has not helped the high rates of malnutrition and food insecurity typically found in the Central African Republic.

The Central African Republic, After the Coup: “A Fast Recovery. That’s Our Priority.”

After a coup in the Central African Republic last month, things are slowly returning to a state of calm. But there’s a long way to go, and the humanitarian needs are great. We asked our Country Director, Clement Cazaubon, about the situation on the ground.

Q: What is the current situation in the capital city, Bangui, and around the country?

U.S. Food Aid: To Ship Food or Send Cash—the Obama Administration Weighs In

Action Against Hunger welcomes the news that the Obama Administration may upend 60 years of U.S. food aid policy with proposed changes to the long-standing practice of purchasing U.S. commodities to ship overseas in the name of international food aid, opting for local and regional procurement instead.

Coup in Central African Republic: Offering Aid as Dust Settles

After a weekend of violence, the Central African Republic capital of Bangui is experiencing a gradual return to a state of calm. In the wake of a coup, the country's rebel leader has assumed the role of president and been recognized by the national army. But destruction is pervasive, looting continues, and an already fragile health care system hangs in the balance. Action Against Hunger was not immune from loss; one of our bases, in Bossangoa, was destroyed. 

Crisis in Mali: Thousands Flee to Mauritania

As violence in northern Mali continues, people afraid for their safety are taking refuge in the neighboring country of Mauritania. Many of them fled with nothing, leaving their belongings and livestock behind. Without access to milk and meat from livestock, an alarming number of refugees are suffering from malnutrition.

Cyclone Haruna Contaminates Drinking Water in Madagascar

As World Water Day approaches, we are focusing on the importance of safe water and sanitation around the world. There is perhaps no better recent example of how crucial clean water is to health than in Madagascar, where Cyclone Haruna hit in late February.

Slideshow: Cholera Prevention in D.R. Congo

Without a doubt, the key to cholera prevention is clean water. That’s why Action Against Hunger’s teams in South Kivu Province, in eastern D.R. Congo, make providing access to it their priority. This month, noted photographer Jana Asenbrennerova set out to capture our cholera prevention efforts through her lens. In the images below, you’ll see our work in action.

Syrian Refugees: As Crisis Escalates, Our Response Intensifies

The crisis in Syria is going from bad to worse. As the New York Times recently reported, the humanitarian needs for the nation’s citizens are staggering – and many are going unmet.

As Kenyans Vote, the World Will Watch

When I visited the village of Sombo in Kenya’s eastern Tana River District this past August, I made an instant friend. She was five years old, and all big brown eyes and a mouth full of missing baby teeth. I was supposed to be working – greeting the local water committee, asking questions of my Kenya-based colleagues about the Action Against Hunger water projects I was seeing – and I was, just not the whole time.

Crisis in Mali: Half a Million Lives Hang in the Balance

Conflict in Mali continues to threaten the safety and livelihoods of nearly half a million citizens who have fled violence in the nation’s north. Displaced people face food shortages in the wake of devastating droughts, rising food prices, and very limited means to produce food for themselves. The populous city of Gao has become all but a ghost town. 


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