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Stories of Syria's Displaced: Ahmed & Selma

I’m still here in Kitim, Jordan, a small village in the country’s north—close to the border with Syria, the border which refugees continue to cross each and every day. Action Against Hunger is continuing its assessment of humanitarian needs here, wanting to supplement our already-running relief programs for refugees in neighboring Lebanon and Turkey.

Syria's Refugees: "We Saw the Dead at Our Feet"

Editor’s Note: The following was recounted by Florian Seriex, an Action Against Hunger communications specialist on site during a recent program assessment in the Syrian neighbor nation of Jordan.

Mahmoud’s hair was unkempt, his face covered in stubble, and his clothes wrinkled when we met him—he wore his life as a Syrian refugee quite literally on his sleeve. He wanted us to meet his family, in fact he insisted. He disappeared briefly, but came back to give us his phone number, address, and detailed directions.

Supporting Moms and Babies This World Breastfeeding Week

Today, August 1st, marks the kickoff of World Breastfeeding Week.  It’s a great time for both reflection and action by political, social, and humanitarian groups like Action Against Hunger—and indeed, by a whole lot of moms across the globe!

In Mali, Elections Mark Pivotal Moment for Change

Months after a military coup jolted the West African nation of Mali, lives still hang in the balance due to undernutrition and instability. Or as New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof put it in his July 6th installment, “Many Malians are always on the edge of starvation, and the fighting and insecurity have pushed some over the brink.”

Volunteers Boost Nutrition Efforts in Pakistan

An organization is only as strong as the people who support its work, and in Pakistan that support for Action Against Hunger is rock solid! Since 2005, we have worked in Pakistan to combat acute malnutrition and provide emergency relief to those affected by natural disasters. On the municipal and national level, Pakistan has shown increased dedication to fighting acute malnutrition as a country.

Get to Know Us in a Whole New Light

Here at Action Against Hunger, we’re thrilled to share a brand new video that tells you, in my own words, what we’re all about. From where I sit leading the organization’s fundraising and communications efforts, I’m continually inspired by the amazing program work we’re doing in more than 40 countries around the world. I hope you’ll take a couple minutes to hear straight from me what it is that makes this place tick—and more importantly, what makes it special.

A Year After Crisis in the Sahel, Key Challenges Remain

Since the 2012 hunger crisis in the Sahel region of West Africa, conditions have improved but an estimated 11.3 million people remain threatened by hunger and 1.5 million are at risk of acute malnutrition. International support for the humanitarian response has been unprecedented but remains insufficient.

On South Sudan’s 2nd Birthday, Hope and Hardship

Today, July 9th, marks the 2nd anniversary of independence for the world’s newest, youngest nation. While it’s a day for celebration in South Sudan, it’s also a time for serious reflection. Humanitarian challenges loom large over the country, with multiple emergencies and development needs. Ongoing tensions between Sudan and South Sudan, as well as internal violence in the Jonglei state, have substantially increased the number of refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) in the country.

Thousands of Families Devastated by Floods in Northern India

Approximately 5,000 people have been killed by severe floods in the Indian state of Uttarakhand over the past two weeks, with torrential rains devastating thousands of lives and leaving 3,000 people still missing.

Although the monsoon season has just started, extreme weather over the last fortnight has affected more than 180 villages and destroyed 1,000 homes in north India.  The extreme rains have caused two key rivers to rise and pour over the region, increasing the risk of waterborne disease.

After Coup, Crisis: Picking Up the Pieces in Central African Republic

Following the coup earlier this year, the entire population of the Central African Republic is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis.


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