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Syria: Three Years of Crisis

The Ides of March—it holds such an ominous place in our collective literary and social consciousness. Some we may chalk up to superstition. But some, it seems, is frighteningly all too real—tomorrow, March 15th, marks the third anniversary of the beginning of crisis in Syria. The numbers are staggering. More than 100,000 people have died, 2.5 million are refugees, and more than four million are internally displaced within their devastated home country.

Three Months After Haiyan, 14 Million Filipinos Still Need Help

 It’s been three months since Typhoon Haiyan pummeled the Filipino coastline, and some 14 million citizens here still require emergency assistance. Many elements of basic infrastructure, like access to clean water and sanitation services, have been destroyed—as has the population’s ability to meet a majority of their basic needs.    

Cash-for-Work Program to Aid Syrian Refugees in Lebanon Launches

Action Against Hunger has just launched a pioneering cash-for-work project in the towns of Tyre and Nabatieh, south Lebanon. The initiative is providing humanitarian assistance in the form of cash to about 400 unemployed Syrian refugees and host Lebanese, in exchange for labor. Lebanese make up about a third of this group, and the help is needed; hosting many thousands of Syrian refugees has taken a toll on Lebanon's resources and economy, where the refugees now comprise a full 25 percent of the population.

In South Sudan a Mother Fights for Her Family, and for Survival

The first time I noticed her she was cooking something, stooped over a small soot-covered aluminum pot that was sitting on a makeshift stove. After a bit of hesitation, she agreed to tell me her story.

Her name is Yar Abithou, and she’s from Mayom County in Unity State. She has been in Aweng for the last ten days, with thousands of other displaced citizens. She couldn’t remember how many days it had actually taken her to get here.

South Sudan: Stepping Back in Time

There were no Christmas or New Year celebrations for the South Sudanese population this year. Instead Juba, the capital of the newest country in the world, erupted in gunshots and artillery fire in mid-December. The violence quickly spread across the country to cities like Bentiu and Bor. This resulted in mass displacement of 770,000 people, leaving thousands dead and plunging the nation, which was only just recovering from the ravages of a decades-long war with Sudan, into depths of uncertainty, desperation and fear—and most importantly, a colossal humanitarian crisis.

NGOs Welcome Ceasefire Agreement in South Sudan

Editor's Note: Today, Action Against Hunger joins 55 NGOs from around the world in affirming support of this week's ceasefire in South Sudan, and restating our shared commitment to humanitarian principles. The full statement can be found in the joint press release below.

Field Notes: The View from Camps in Central African Republic

Editor's Note: Mike Penrose, Executive Director of Action Against Hunger in France, recently visited a series of camps for displaced persons in and around Bangui, Central African Republic. The following are excerpts from his dispatches from the field.

South Sudan: Saving Lives in the Midst of Ongoing Crisis

After violence spread rapidly in South Sudan’s capital city of Juba starting exactly a month ago, insecurity and instability continue to plague the world’s youngest nation. Our Head of Program for East Africa, Nipin Gangadharan, is overseeing our operations in South Sudan and this week issued the following statement.

The Philippines, Two Months After Typhoon Haiyan

Two months have now elapsed since Typhoon Haiyan caused massive death and destruction across the Philippines. The Filipino population will be digging out for a long time to come—digging out from the rubble, and digging out from the catastrophic emotional toll the storm has taken on so many families.

Escalating Violence Threatens Thousands in the Central African Republic

After suffering a coup in early 2013, the Central African Republic was left with a challenging humanitarian situation, with an estimated 1.5 million citizens in need of assistance. In December, conditions deteriorated further as escalating violence threatened the lives of thousands of people already living on the brink of survival.


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