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Voices From The Horn of Africa

We tell the story of children and families suffering through the 2011 food crisis and drought throughout the Horn of Africa.

Voices from the Horn of Africa: Fatima and Abdi

Fatima Adam owns a grocery store in Eskot, a town in Garbatulla in central Kenya. The shop earned enough to provide for her family until a severe drought—the country’s worst in 60 years—left her shelves bare and her customers, most of whom earn money by farming, with little to spend. Her income declined badly and, at the height of the drought, access to food became less and less reliable.  As a result, her young son, Abdi, now suffers from malnutrition.

Voices from the Horn of Africa: Hassan and Mariam

Hassan is a father who knows what it means to worry. His small daughter, Mariam, is three and a half years old, and she has already faced death. The frail little girl weighed just 23 pounds when a team from Action Against Hunger arrived in their small town of Eskot, in central Kenya, to screen children for malnutrition.

Voices from the Horn of Africa: Hadija and Adan

Hadija Ukalake is the head of Mochuro, a small village in the Garbatulla region of of Kenya. In Mochuro, 285 families live below the official poverty line. Three-quarters of families in the village have come from Somalia, having fled their home country's lawlessness for the relative peace of Kenya. Traditionally, families in the community have made their livelihoods keeping animals, but this pastoral way of life has been all but wiped out by two years of drought. The greater part of the community's herds have died for lack of water and pasture.

Voices from the Horn of Africa: Baby Abdullahi

Looking at her now, it's hard to believe that just a few weeks ago, seven-month-old Abdullahi was near death, suffering from severe acute malnutrition.

Her young mother, Halima, 17, had tried everything in her power to make her baby better but Abdullahi continued to grow weaker by the day.  First she stopped playing, then she became lethargic. She no longer smiled. Due to circumstances beyond her mother's control, baby Abdullahi simply was not getting the nutrition that every young child needs in order to thrive. 

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