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Embarking on a Journey to End World Hunger

This past September, Alameda High School in California started a Hunger Awareness Leaders of Tomorrow (HALT) chapter at their school after Linh Phung, a Senior, came across the Action Against Hunger website.

“With the help of school announcements, our kind club sponsor Mr. Hardin and hours spent making posters to help publicize the club, our HALT chapter was finally up and running.

Hunger Awareness Leaders of Tomorrow (HALT)

Action Against Hunger | ACF International has partnered with students from Lebanon Valley College to start the first chapter of the national student organization, Hunger Awareness Leaders of Tomorrow (HALT).

HALT began when Jimmy Kroll, a student eager to get involved in the fight against global hunger, contacted ACF after visiting the New York headquarters on a school trip. We started brainstorming and decided to start an ACF-affiliated student organization devoted to raising awareness about global hunger issues and about ACF’s field programs.

The Youth Effect: Student Action Against Hunger

Students from all over the country have responded to global hunger’s growing prominence in the news—global food riots, the spike in food prices, and revised estimates that global hunger now affects 963 million people (up from 854 million a couple years ago). These headlines have moved America’s youth to take action in creative ways, whether forming service learning clubs at school, holding educational fundraisers such as ACF’s Fast for Awareness, or taking individual action to raise awareness and funds by skating across the U.S. for Action Against Hunger!

Schools Across America Race to End Global Hunger

Armed with youthful idealism and a desire to make the world a better place, students around the country are making strides in the fight against global hunger with ACF’s international Race Against Hunger campaign. Modeled after Action Against Hunger’s highly successful student outreach program in France, the Race Against Hunger aims to educate middle school students about the problem of global hunger while inspiring them to be part of the solution. Spring 2008 marked Action Against Hunger’s pilot Race Against Hunger in the U.S., with four middle schools participating in Chicago, Illinois.

Hands 4 Hunger

Students at Clinton Township Middle School in New Jersey created a poignant learning activity on global hunger with a project called Hands 4 Hunger that symbolizes the 25,000 people who die every day from hunger-related causes. Students created a collage of 2,500 colorful hand-shaped cutouts, each representing 10 of these 25,000 fatalities. As a public display, the collage educates as well as impresses, providing facts about global hunger.

Two Pittsburgh Teens ‘Stuff their Faces’ for World Hunger

Here at Action Against Hunger we often get inquiries asking where people can send donations. So when our Student Outreach Fellow received an email from Charlie, a Pittsburgh teen, asking just that, she replied as she always does. She asked if he could tell us a little bit about the donation. Here is his surprising response:

Glenmont Testimonies from the Race Against Hunger

"This experience for me has been a new journey. I enjoyed helping people who have more needs than others. I’ve learned how to spend money on things that are needed and not take money or things I have for granted. I also have a new appreciation for the things I do have. I felt enjoyment participating in this journey that will never end. As long as we still have people with a heart, people, like the people of Burundi will have a chance. These people need more than just food. They need love, proper nutrition and shelter. I never knew that millions of people suffer each day from hunger.

The Race: 8th Grader "Feels Confident About Knowledge”

Shaan Chadha, an 8th grade student from Ridge Academy shares a personal reflection about Action Against Hunger’s educational presentation that launched their 2009 Race Against Hunger.

Clinton Township Middle School Students Put their Hands Up for Hunger

Students from the Clinton Township Middle School of Hunterdon County, New Jersey, have joined forces with the global humanitarian organization Action Against Hunger to raise awareness and support for crises around the world. Having studied the crisis in Darfur, Sudan, the students contacted Action Against Hunger—an agency working in Sudan—and commited to joining their national Race Against Hunger event later this Spring.

Alameda High School Kicks Off the 2009 Race Against Hunger

Koki Inlow, a student at Alameda High School, shares her experiences organizing the Race Against Hunger at her school.


About Action Against Hunger | ACF International

Action Against Hunger is internationally recognized as a leader in the fight against global malnutrition. Action Against Hunger works to save the lives of malnourished children while providing communities with access to safe water and sustainable solutions to hunger. With over 30 years of expertise in emergency situations of conflict, natural disaster, and chronic food insecurity, Action Against Hunger runs life-saving programs in some 40 countries benefiting 5 million people each year.

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