Students Taking Action

Credit: Diane Cormican
Credit: Diane Cormican

Students Taking Action Kit

Download the Students Taking Action Kit to find out ways that you and your peers can get involved in the fight against global hunger.

HALT: Hunger Awareness Leaders of Tomorrow

An Action Against Hunger-affiliated student organization devoted to raising awareness about global hunger issues and about ACF’s field programs. If you have any questions about HALT, or if you would like to start a chapter at your school, please fill-out the online HALT Contract or contact our Student Team.

Heart of the Congo Screening Guide

Heart of the Congo is a documentary by Tom Weidlinger that chronicles the efforts of ACF aid workers in a community in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Download the Heart of the Congo Screening Guide to see how you can help increase public awareness about the complexity and reality of global hunger.

Fast for Awareness

Fast for Awareness is designed to raise awareness about global malnutrition and help raise funds for ACF's life-saving programs. Participants will fast for an allotted time without any food, but beverages can be provided. The purpose of the fast is so that participants can experience something similar to what many around the world feel on a regular basis. Download the Fast for Awareness planning guide.

How Have You Taken Action?

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"Hunger is an aberration of the civilized world," said Nelson Mandela as he accepted the Action Against Hunger Humanitarian Award in 2004.