Urban gardens: a simple solution for improving nutrition for Monrovia's mothers

June 10, 2013

"After years of hardship, food security and nutrition are now improving for women like Wata. Schemes such as the 'Back to the Soil' initiative by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberia's leader and the first female head of state in Africa, are encouraging Monrovia's residents to reconnect with agriculture. The FAO and NGOs such as Action Against Hunger - a charity working to reduce child malnutrition and provide sustainable solutions to hunger - have been running similar programmes in which vegetable gardens are used to improve food security and nutrition, and boost incomes...Nancy, one of the women benefiting from such schemes, smiles proudly as her crops tower over her. In just a year she has learnt how to secure her own livelihood and provide the best possible nutrition for her family. Following a visit to one of Action Against Hunger's feeding centres in Monrovia, where her two-year-old daughter was treated for malnutrition, Nancy joined the scheme to help mothers cultivate their own vegetable gardens. An increase in the consumption of vegetables, fruit and protein is vital to reducing chronic malnutrition. This affects 45 percent of under-fives in Liberia, according to the FAO."