Tyco teams with Action Against Hunger to tackle clean water access

October 7, 2011

Center member Tyco International has found a way to fully utilize its people, products, services, and funding support in a new philanthropic global partnership with Action Against Hunger / ACF International. Together they have formed the Clean Water Access Initiative, which will bring safe drinking water to some of the most vulnerable communities around the world.

Tyco and Action Against Hunger are combining their individual strengths to create a more sustainable and effective solution to clean water access that neither could have accomplished individually. "The initiative, the first global corporate partnership for ACF International, employs an innovative model of collaboration designed to enhance our capacity while scaling up the reach and impact of our clean water programs,” said Nan Dale, Action Against Hunger’s CEO. She continues to challenge the corporate sector saying, “we hope Tyco International’s visionary commitment to the Clean Water Access Initiative will inspire other corporations to join the NGO sector in tackling hunger and water issues.”