Starting Early

May 17, 2010

"They are all part of Action Against Hunger’s campaign to get even the youngest citizens involved in the clamor. 'We want to get them while they’re young, get them thinking about something beyond their own worlds,' says Barbara McKinnon of Action Against Hunger’s school campaign.

In far off places of the world, Action Against Hunger is on the front lines of the hunger battle, deploying innovations like Plumpy’nut, a peanut spread fortified with nutrients that often brings severely malnourished children back from the brink of starvation. In the U.S., the organization is working with about 100 schools this year spreading a different kind of elixir to more fortunate children – awareness. The educational program, now in its third year in this country, leads up to a Race Against Hunger. It is modeled on an initiative in France (where Action Against Hunger began) that has been running for 13 years now; some 750 French schools raised about Euros 2.2 million from the races last year. American schools, just starting out, raised $66,000."