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Mongolia's shantytowns set for redevelopment

July 4, 2014

Mongolia's capital, Ulaanbaatar, is home to around 30 percent of the country's population - and nearly 800,000 of those live in a sprawling residential area known as the ger district with no running water, no central heating, sporadic garbage collection, and no sewage system...Pier Francesco Donati of the [Action Against Hunger] (ACF) in Ultaanbaatar - an NGO that focuses on hygiene, water and sanitation - said: 'It is undeniable that this kind of urban development is not sustainable in the long term.' But he added that some changes are slowly taking place. 'It is noticeable that the municipality has made a certain effort on road construction,' he said. 'The ger area is now more accessible than it was two years ago.'"

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