Malnutrition on the rise: Kanem region of Chad enters food emergency

March 19, 2012

"More than 2,000 malnourished children were admitted to Action Against Hunger | ACF International’s nutritional centres in Kanem in February alone, which is more than three times the number treated in the same month last year. Action Against Hunger’s teams on the ground are also concerned about the increasingly critical malnourished state of children when they reach the centres – an indicator of the rapid deterioration of the situation in the region. ACF nutritionist, Clemence Malet, based in Mao, the capital of Kanem, explains: 'During November and December, many children suffering from malnutrition arrived at our feeding centres but they were in a state that allowed us to treat them back to health without too many complications. Today however, children are arriving in such an advanced state of malnutrition that we cannot always save them. Many are dying on the way to the centre, which is something that we have seen only rarely over the previous months.'”