MALI: Why Is Malnutrition Still 'Not a Priority'?

May 14, 2007

"Despite producing agricultural surpluses, Mali’s malnutrition rates remain high. Analysts say that to focus only on food production is to ignore the multiple causes of short- and long-term malnutrition in the country and a broader approach from the government is needed...Deaths resulting from malnutrition do not correlate to years of good or bad harvests, because dealing with it requires a broad range of responses ranging from educating people to diversify their diets and maintain better hygiene to avoid illness, and breastfeed, which gives infants far more nutrients than most foods, to improving health facilities and vaccinations.'This is a serious malnutrition problem in Mali and it is because of structural problems,' said Patricia Hoorelbeke, head of the Action Against Hunger nongovernmental organisation in Mali."