Keep the Momentum Building: With Pro-Nutrition Policies and Political Will, We Can End Deadly Malnutrition in a Generation

June 17, 2013

"During the pre-G8 Nutrition for Growth event, an additional USD $4.15 billion was pledged directly in support of nutrition through 2020. Action contre la Faim-France (ACF) salutes the positive gains made at the Nutrition for Growth Summit, bringing together stakeholders from a range of sectors and placing nutrition at the center of global efforts to eradicate poverty and hunger. Yet the scourge of undernutrition is so massive and pervasive, it will require a different scale of commitment. According to The Lancet's estimates, it would cost $9.6 billion a year to scale up a package of 10 essential nutrition-specific interventions and achieve 90 percent coverage in the 34 countries that now account for 90 percent of the global burden of malnutrition. Yet according to ACF's Aid for Nutrition report, current donor government support for nutrition programs is just 1.5 percent of what is required annually."