Good vs. good in Darfur

June 23, 2007

"What prompted the complaints were a series of ads run by Save Darfur calling for more aggressive action in Darfur, including the imposition of a 'no-fly' zone over western Sudan to prevent attacks by the Sudanese air force on the Darfurians. For humanitarian relief groups, the effect of this, however well intended, would be to put the on-the-ground aid effort at risk because the relief organizations themselves fly constantly over Darfur in aircraft virtually indistinguishable from those fielded by the government of Sudan.

Even more important, relief organizations including Doctors Without Borders and Action Against Hunger argue that this no-fly zone would have to be established without Khartoum's consent and, as an Action Against Hunger statement put it, would 'have disastrous consequences that risk triggering a further escalation of violence while jeopardizing the provision of vital humanitarian assistance to millions of people.'"