FTE Launch: Action Against Hunger

March 28, 2012

"Deepti Sharma Kapur is the Founder and CEO of Food To Eat, an idea she came up with while studying for her LSATs.  With limited time on her lunch break, Kapur was always just short of the very long line at one of her favorite food trucks, The Treats Truck.  Kapur thought, restaurants have been using online ordering for years, so why not food trucks too?  Kapur believes that restaurants and food are a big part of the community, and with FTE, she hopes to create a more sustainable business model and help our favorite food places continue to be part of our communities.  With this in mind, Food To Eat’s partnership with Action Against Hunger was a match made in heaven.  Utilizing FTE’s network of 50 food trucks and500 restaurants, the AAH initiative Restaurants Against Hunger is a perfect fit for supporting the life-saving programs of AAH that benefit five million people in 40 countries each year.

Action Against Hunger provides life-saving food materials to malnourished children and families worldwide, while educating communities about sustainable solutions to combat hunger and supplying access to safe water.  AAH Campaign Manager (Elaine Ryan) and External Relations Associate (Radhika Shah) were on hand to share their mission and goals in partnering with Food To Eat.  AAH is an organization of partnerships and collaboration, and they operate on a global scale to end the hunger gap.  Working on the ground with organizations like UNICEF and the World Food Programme, they have the ability to make a far-reaching impact.  As Ryan said, the Food To Eat and AAH mission go hand-in-hand, as they both have a goal of sharing food with the community.  Food To Eat reaches the people that Action Against Hunger wants to reach by creating great exposure to educate the masses about malnourishment.

Operating worldwide, Action Against Hunger has so many ways that people can get involved in their mission.  Learn more about how www.FoodToEat.com shares the AAH mission and their Restaurants Against Hunger initiative.  Considering donating to Action Against Hunger, taking an active part or joining their social circle on Facebook and Twitter."