Donate Your Calories to Fight Hunger with Epic Mealtime-Backed App

April 30, 2013

"If calories were an accurate measure of wealth, the Epic Meal Time team would be multi-millionaires many times over. But for their latest project, the Epic Meal Time crew won’t be wasting calories. Epic Meal Time and humanitarian organization Action Against Hunger are teaming up on a mobile app called Give Your Calories that would let people donate money based on the calorie count of their favorite grocery items. The money will help Action Against Hunger fight malnutrition worldwide...James Michaud, senior external relations officer of Action Against Hunger, also elaborated on the app in a statement: 'The app is designed to give people an easy, fun way to fight hunger on a daily basis, but it also educates users that deadly malnutrition is a predictable, preventable, and treatable condition that needlessly afflicts millions of children worldwide.'"