Charities that Fight Hunger

November 28, 2012
"Looking to make a difference in the world? One of the greatest problems today is hunger. While many of us enjoy the pleasures of dining out, there are millions of people, many children, in America and around the world that do not get enough to eat. This problem is fixable. A good start to ending hunger is to get involved locally, donate or volunteer at your city's food bank or soup kitchen. Here is a list of ten organizations that will use your charitable donations to fight hunger.
Action Against Hunger is committed to ending world hunger. 'The mission of Action Against Hunger is to save lives by eliminating hunger through the prevention, detection, and treatment of malnutrition, especially during and after emergency situations of conflict, war and natural disaster. From crisis to sustainability, we tackle the underlying causes of malnutrition and its effects by using our expertise in nutrition, food security, water and sanitation, health and advocacy.'

A 4-star rating from Charity Navigator and Grade A from Charity Watch."