Ads to fight hunger in Africa, without the hungry

January 29, 2013

"In recent years, many charities have embraced more nuanced and positive portraits of people in need, eliminating images of skeletal victims in tattered rags, in favor of glossy pictures of mothers and children with large, solemn eyes. Some have gone further, embracing abstract images. A year ago, Action Against Hunger undertook a campaign using a string of abstract, faceless paper dolls — one much skinnier than the others — to depict the idea of hunger. A second ad featured a pizza box with a coin-sized pizza, inviting readers to imagine surviving on much less food. The hunger agency's external relations director said the campaign was aimed at motivating potential new donors. 'The imagery that has long been associated with global hunger tends to be mostly of emaciated children and families in developing countries,' said Matt Aubry. 'While this can be motivating to those already committed to the cause, it can deter those who are new to the issue.'"