9 reasons why gender matters when improving global nutrition

June 3, 2014

"Interventions to end hunger and malnutrition often focus on women.Our panel explore why...Saul Guerrero, operations director, Action Against Hunger UK, London, UK, @ACF_UK...'Focusing exclusively on mothers is unfair, but gender roles have significance: Women are, more often than not, the primary caregiver in homes, and have a great deal of responsibility in defining their children's eating patterns. But it would be unfair to stop there and to ignore the broader power and decision-making dynamics that govern and influence food security and livelihoods of families and communities. Empowered women leads to less hunger: The International Food Policy Research Institute published a study that found that as much as half of the reduction in hunger between 1970 and 1995 could be attributed to improvements in women's societal status. Progress in women's education access (which explained 45% of gains in food security) was nearly as significant as increased food availability (26%) and health advances (19%) put together.'"