Action Against Hunger South Sudan, T.Frank
Action Against Hunger South Sudan, T.Frank

Action Against Hunger’s international network produces a variety of published works from context analysis and regional assessments to community surveys and field reports.

Recent Publications

The State of Global SAM Management Coverage - 2012

October, 2013

"The State of Global SAM Management Coverage 2012” , an annex to the Global Global SAM Management Update, Update, was produced jointly by UNICEF, ACF-UK and the Coverage Monitoring Network. The annex was designed to encourage further debate, discussion and research by reviewing the availability, accessibility and coverage of SAM management worldwide and providing a brief summary of opportunities and challenges ahead.

Sowing the Seeds of Good Nutrition; Burkina Faso Case Study: Reconciling Agriculture and Nutrition (French)

October, 2013

The objective of this study is to analyze the inclusion of nutritional issues in the development, implementation, monitoring and institutional governance of agricultural policy and food security in Burkina Faso, whose main operational reference framework is the National Programme Sector Rural (NRHP).

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Sowing the Seeds of Good Nutrition

October, 2013

In 2013, 870 million people are still undernourished while 2 billion people are

Access for All: Volume 1

June, 2013

Is community-based treatment of severe acute malnutrition (SAM) at scale capable of meeting global needs? This report, the first in a three part series, offers a comparative assessment of the performance and effectiveness of the model during distinct periods: when the majority of community-based treatment were administered by NGOs, and when community-based treatment programmes were integrated by ministries of health into regular health services.